About the Council

The Veterinary Council of Sri Lanka is established under the Veterinary Surgeons and Practitioners Act No:46 of 1956 regulates the practice of veterinary medicine and surgery in Sri Lanka.  Only veterinary practitioners registered with the Sri Lanka Veterinary Council are legally authorized to engage in veterinary practice in Sri Lanka. 

The Veterinary Council of Sri Lanka comprises of ten members. Eight members are elected by the registered Veterinarians by ballot every 4 years. The Director General of the Department of Animal Production and Health, Peradeniya and the Dean Faculty of Veterinary Medicine and Animal Science, Peradeniya are ex-officio members.

The Registrar is appointed by the Council to execute its decisions and carryout the statutory functions.

The main responsibility of the Council is to ensure a high standard of competence among the members of the Veterinary profession so as to protect the interests of the patients whom they have chosen to serve. Members of the Veterinary profession should not only be equipped with knowledge and high technical skills, but should also conduct themselves to maintain good ethics and the dignity of the profession.