The Veterinary Council of Sri Lanka is established under the Veterinary Surgeons and Practitioners Act No:46 of 1956 regulates the practice of veterinary medicine and surgery in Sri Lanka.  Only veterinary practitioners registered with the Sri Lanka Veterinary Council are legally authorized to engage in veterinary practice in Sri Lanka.

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Newly Elected Members to the Council for a Period of 4 years (2024-2028)

Following two members were elected to the council for a period of four years (2024-2028). Dr. A.D.N. Chandrasiri Dr. L.G.S. Lokugalappatti As there were no other nominations...
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Calling Nominations - Election of Two (02) Members to the Veterinary Council of Sri Lanka (2024-2027)

Election of Two (02) Members to the Veterinary Council of Sri Lanka (2024-2027) Nominations are hereby called to fill Two (02) vacancies in the Sri Lanka Veterinary Council. Nomi...
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Update vrsion of the Code of Conduct  for registered Veterinary Surgeons in the Veterinary Council of Sri Lanka is available online and can be accessed HERE.  ...
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Newly elected 6 Members to the Council 2022-2025 for a period of 4 years

Following Members were elected to the council from recently held election. 1 Dr. D.D. Niranjala De Silva  2 Prof. P.A. Basil D. Alexander  3 Dr. M.D. Nimal Jayaweera&n...
Mar 30, 2022
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Veterinary Council Election 2022 to select six (6) members

The ballot papers will be posted to the addresses in the gazette to registered veterinary surgeons on 1st of March 2022. If there is change in your postal address, kindly info...
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Call for Nominations - Election of Six Members to the Veterinary Council of Sri Lanka 2022 to 2025

Election of Six (06) Members to the Veterinary Council of Sri Lanka (2022-2025)   Download : Call for Nomination and Form A Nominations are hereby called to fill Six (06) v...
Jan 17 - Feb 07, 2022
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Notice to Registered Veterinarians in Sri Lanka

There is a trend by some organized groups and individuals, appearing as animal lovers to collect funds from local and international organizations/ individuals to treat and take car...
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Draft Sri Lanka Veterinary Council Act Open for Comments and Suggestions by Veterinarians

VCSL has completed the first draft  of the proposed Veterinary Council Act for comments by the VCSL registered veterinarians. The proposed act is expected to repeal the Veteri...
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Commencement of Internship Training Program for New Veterinary Graduates

A six-month mandatory internship training programme for sixty four recent veterinary graduates were commenced from 2nd September 2020. Each veterinary intern will complete two plac...
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Calling Applications For Internship Training - April 2020

Applications are hereby called from recently graduated veterinarians to follow a six-month internship training at designated locations. It is compulsory to complete six month inter...
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77 New Veterinarians Obtained Licences to Practice In Sri Lanka

Seventy seven new Veterinarians who have succefully completed a six-month internship training program received thier veterinary licences at a ceremony held on 06th of November 2019...
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Certificate Awarding Ceremony for Newly Registered Veterinarians

Certificate awarding ceremony for newly registered Veterinarians will be held on 6th November 2019 at  the Institute of Continuing Education (ICE) of Department of Animal Prod...
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