Notice to Registered Veterinarians in Sri Lanka

There is a trend by some organized groups and individuals, appearing as animal lovers to collect funds from local and international organizations/ individuals to treat and take care of animals using social media platforms. They use photographs of certain procedures which are performed in an unprofessional manner highlighting the unacceptable standards disregarding the patients’ welfare. Therefore, the Veterinary Council of Sri Lanka hereby notifies the practicing Veterinarians the following:

  • To adhere to standard professional practice in whatever the task undertaken
  • Not to allow animal owner, handlers or any other person to take photographs or videos before, during and after the procedure without permission of the veterinarian engaged in the procedure
  • If any issue arises from exhibiting unprofessional practice which tarnishes the reputation of the veterinary profession, the council will take necessary action as stipulated in the Veterinary Surgeons and Practitioners Act. against the veterinary surgeon concerned

Dr. L.N.A. de Silva


Veterinary Council of Sri Lanka